Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hunting for Berries!

We're already into the rainy season here in the Willamette Valley, it seems. But before the rains moved in, we pounced on a delightful and noxious late Summer harvest.


Sure, you can plant blackberries in your garden, but those cultivated and thornless types just don't have the proper zing I look for in a decent berry. It may be hard for some to believe, but blackberries are quite the nasty weed here in the valley. There isn't much one can do to remove them once they've shown up, spare a few goats to keep them nibbled down (plans for the future!). If left to go out of control, the berries get a bit hard to reach without ripping your skin and clothes to shreds. All the more adventure, i say! You can find blackberries along almost any roadside/ bike path and river, but i prefer to pick berries without the dust and grime from car exhaust. We hit up one of the fields at the farm my husband works at and got plenty of berries to do all sorts of fun things with. Including eating on the spot!

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