Friday, October 7, 2011

Fiber Friday - Plying Bunny Fur

I spent the better part of the past 2 weeks spinning singles of that super fine "bunny fur" fiber, and i almost lost my mind. Spinning super fine yarn takes FOR.EV.ER. and i'm still not very great at it: my singles are definitely uneven, thick and thin, and lumpy. Wah. The first bit turned out as fine as I wanted, but i slowly got less fine as i went along, losing my mind as i went. I really need one of those yarn thickness gauges (Christmas present hint, hint).

Once i was finished spinning two half bobbins of singles, it came time to ply them together. Again, I did not do as well as i'd like- the yarn is very well balanced, but there are sections that have nice twist and sections that are too loosely twisted to my likes. The skein looks pretty gorgeous now that it's all washed and the twist is set. Photos coming as soon as i get my camera chord from our apartment. (Argh, i hate unprofessional sounding statements like that, but such is life).

Isn't Pocket a great assistant?

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