Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hard Cider: Part 1

On Tuesday, i whipped up a small batch of 'starter' that i used the next day to start some hard cider and get my vinegar going a little more quickly. I'm worried that our apartment is going to be just too cold for fermentation, but i'm not paying a higher electricity bill just to get some hooch and vinegar. ;)

I started three vessels - the left is a gallon jar half filled with cider, with a tiny splash of yeast starter added and covered with a cheesecloth. This is destined for vineger.  The middle is simmered cider and honey with starter added, covered with cheesecloth to see what happens when attempting hard cider with the presence of air and wild yeast. The right is a gallon carboy filled with simmered cider and honey plus yeast starter (too much!) and topped with an airlock.

Last Night - already fizzing
I certainly didn't have to worry about fermentation getting going, granted I am still at the farm where it's a bit warmer inside than our apartment. Now i'm worried that i most likely added too much yeast, and i don't know how that will affect the cider. More alcohol? Less? Nasty taste? Better taste? It's bubbling away like crazy, and I hope i wasn't foolish to start it one place with a bumpy drive back to our apartment. Yeah, that was foolish. Cross your fingers it makes it back home in tact.

This morning - really bubbling, now!

Have you ever attempted hard cider before? How did it work out? I got my instructions from Mother Earth News and a few other online resources. I'm about to research what may happen to my overly yeasted cider - and i'll keep y'all posted with my progress. We'll check back to see how the cider and vinegar are panning out next week. Fermentation will supposedly be done in about 3 weeks - we'll see!    Please comment with any tips/suggestions if you have them!

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