Thursday, September 15, 2011

Handmade Holidays - Macro Series

Woo hoo! The holidays are coming up! In........ like 4 months. Ha ha. For the first time in about 5 years, i'll actually be home for the holidays, with MY parents versus my husband's. I've loved sharing my family holiday traditions with my husband's family. I've loved camping on Christmas and forging our own traditions as a newly married family. I've loved learning his family's traditions and especially loved eating their Thanksgiving feast! But i'm pretty stoked to have Christmas back at my childhood home, with sledding!

I'm so excited. I'm also poor, as per usual and need to scheme up some handmade gifts. Handmade is almost always better, poor or not, and I always get a lot of joy out of hand crafting or cooking gifts for my loved ones. As an artist, I'm never at a loss for gifts to give, but this year I'll be focusing on my new fiber art skills, soap making, and other homey crafts vs fine art.

For a little bit of fun, I'm beginning a series of posts with macro images of my handiwork. Little teasers of the gifts to come, and after the holidays i'll post the projects in full. I'm excited to make, to give, and to show off the months to come.

Feel free to leave comments with your guesses as to what the items will be!
Here's the first one, destined for a certain sister of mine:

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