Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travel Log: Cow Ponds

Pocket, the hubs and myself are FINALLY settling into our new town: Philomath, Oregon (near Corvallis). I've finally spent more than 2 days in a row in our new apartment, and i'm actually liking it. Not loving the cat-calling halfway house residents behind our back 'yard,' but am loving the bike paths, coastal mountain views, and potential proximity to the ocean and other fun activities. We've barely scratched the surface of 'to dos' here in our new town (the husband picked up a seasonal job at a local organic farm, thus limiting our days off together for cavorting about), but we well tromped my mother's stomping grounds down in the high desert before we left.

Merrill, Oregon is in the Klamath Basin: a land of potatoes, nutritious hay, beautiful horses, and long Summer days filled with sunshine. So much sunshine you can get quite hot, even on days that only reach 75. On these days, you need to find a cow pond. Especially when you're a corgi.

 Pocket loves to swim, boy howdy! I spent a little time crouched by the side of the pond and noticed some other little critters enjoying the seasonal pond. Tons of tadpoles! And a few swimming tree frogs. Cute, cute, cute!

My husband and I walked to this pond again a few days later and found some really mysterious, alien-like critters in with the tadpoles - and eating them! We had no idea what they were, and sadly got no photographs, but researched them on our return: water beetle larvae! We did see some big black beetles in the water, so it makes sense. I wish i had some photos to share, they were truly grotesque and fascinating. Google "water tiger" and tell me what you think: pretty scary!

We're missing having these lovely ponds to walk to, and really missing having boundless property to explore without leashes. Hopefully we'll make it to the Alsea river in the national forest soon to do some fishing and let the pooch run about tether-free. Though if you're in Philomath, you may see a little red and white corgi off leash in some local parks despite being 'against the rules.' She's pretty darned well behaved and just needs to run and catch that frisbee in the air!

Have you found any unique wildlife in a pond recently?

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