Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Man alive. Started new job with a decent amount of success. I really like my crew of 18 year olds and I'm excited to get more involved in the planning and design of the project. I feel qualified, and the 'kids' seem to respect me. Go figure! I am, however exhausted from moving, driving, moving, packing, getting up at 5:30, working 2 10 hour days and driving and moving some more! Needless to say, i've been sleeping in when i get the chance! I didn't know i was even still capable of sleeping past 9 am..... 10:45 seems to be possible! hahaha.

I'm a bit too exhausted and busy to really write up anything worth reading I'm afraid, but i do want to remind everyone about the great giveaway for some Ball canning products that ends tomorrow.  I'm excited to can some seasonal produce with you all on National Can It Forward Day and would love to send YOU some canning gear for you to use. Enter now!

I'm off to be productive (as productive as one can be after sleeping half the day away) on my days off before driving back up to Corvallis and working next weekend. Phew!

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