Friday, February 3, 2012

TUTORIAL: Crocheted Market Bags -Step 2

Before we begin building the height of this bag, i'd like to introduce an alternative method for starting the base. It's easier than the first method i posted, so i hope you're not mad at me for wasting any time or curse words over the original pattern.

Instead of slip stitch joining the begining circle, simple skip the slip stitch and work the pattern in a SPIRAL. Using this method, you will always crochet around the entire chain, instead of the stitch at the top of hte 'posts.' This will make a more flexible mesh that is probably stronger than the first way i showed you. To build the round base, simply chain 1 more between double or triple crochets in each round. This is also how i usually make this bag... i guess i got excited by a recent hat pattern i was following that used the slip stitch method and decided to use it for this pattern... but perhaps i was wrong to do so.

Note, for a visual on how to triple crochet, visit the Flickr Group!

Okay, now it's time for some height! And it's so easy! Simply stop increasing and continue to chain the same number for the next dozen or so rounds. We left off at round 6, so here's the rest of the pattern:

Round 7-15/20: Ch 5, TC (triple crochet) around previous row's chain, crocheting all the way around the chain, not into the stitch, repeat all the way around for 13 or more rounds. (no need to move your market, just leave it where it is to help you count rounds)
Next Round: Ch4, DC (around the whole chain), *CH1, DC *repeat three times per mesh hole all the way around
Next Round: When you get all the way around, slip stitch into the next verticle mesh post/dc and tie 2 knots
Tie another piece of yarn, or a double up piece of string and weave it through the holes you just created at the top of the bag to create a draw string.

Admire your work! 
Mine turned out pretty huge, great or long term storage or big shopping purchases, but you may prefer to make many smaller bags that are more conducive to purchase a few apples or tomatoes, etc.

The size of your bag will depend on a few things: the size of your string, the size of your crochet hook, the tightness of your stitches, how large you decided to make your base and continue your height. If you want a large bag with smaller mesh, simply choose a tinier hook, finer string, and crochet more rounds to create the same effect. It is important, though to not let the 'holes' of the mesh get too large, or objects will slip out! SO use your common sense, play with this pattern and make it your own! But please, do follow the rules of the *disclaimer below.

These bags really are strong, especially if you choose quality string. I hope you enjoy your new bag, and that you'll comment back with all the fun things you use them for!

*Our market bag pattern, and all tutorials found on this site are presented for your personal use only. Tutorials and/or objects made from my tutorials may not be sold commercially (that includes Etsy or Ravelry!). If you want to sell something based on one of my tutorials, please email me at gonudesoap at gmail dot com and we'll try to work out a fair deal. Please play nicely!

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