Thursday, July 14, 2011

Travel Log: Klamath Wildlife Refuge

My husband and I sought out a bit of exercise and scenery at a local wildlife refuge last week. There was not much wildlife activity: a bit hot and the wrong season, but we saw some choice duckies and enjoyed a brief bike ride at least.

The Klamath and Tulelake Wildlife Refuges are an absolute must on any birder's list. In the Winter, bald eagles make their way to the area to live and eat and make general eagle merriment (to the chagrin of migrating geese and other 'tasty treats'.) This area inhabits the largest population of bald eagles in the entire country during the Winter! Other than baldies, there are heaps of ducks, geese and other predatory birds in their seasons. I love to take a stroll, on foot or in a car, to see the baby ducklings in the Spring and the snow geese in the Winter.

Located along State Line Rd. between Oregon and California, the two wildlife refuges are a great place to see birds and to learn about wildlife habitat management as well as pick up some tidbits on the birds in the area. We were greeted by these little swallows in the info booth and my husband had plenty of opportunities to bust out his binoculars, despite the scarcity of bird life.

Check it out, the refuge is free!

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