Friday, January 27, 2012

Market Bag Tutorial: Gather Your Supplies!

It's almost time to get your crochet on, people! A few of you have already clamoured for details, but for those of you who waited, this is what you'll need:

  • 1 spool of basic cotton string. You could use any sturdy yarn, but you don't want anything bulky, fuzzy, or woolen. Hemp would probably work, but it's a bit stiff. This basic string from the hardware store will do just fine
  • Medium sized crochet hook. You can use the lightweight plastic ones if that's all you have, but i recommend a metal or bamboo hook as i've been known to snap a hook during heavier projects.
  • That's it! Though a crochet marker or extra piece of thread tied in a half inch loop would be helpful.
Now for the skills needed. I meant it when i said only basic crochet skills are needed. We're going to be using three stitches: chain stitch, slip stitch and double crochet. That's it. You can find instructions for these stitches in ANY crochet book, online, from a friend and from these ridiculous videos i filmed yesterday. Which means you will now hear my actual voice, not just the type written one. Let's see how many of you make fun of my lisp!

I'm sure you could also find many more and better tutorials on YouTube. If you're a total beginner, check out that site for lots more how to videos. I should have filmed over my shoulder so that you're not looking at the stitches backwards...  but here are some photos to help out as well:

So now you know what you need to get ready for our crochet along on Monday. Head to your local yarn, fabric or hardware store, your basement or your private stash and let's get crackin! For fun, i've created a flickr group for showing off our progress. I hope you'll join the group and share with us! You don't have to join to see what others are doing, but it would be even more fun if we could see your projects too! You can also post any recipes or other projects inspired by this blog, up to 10 images a day! Yay!

What to expect on Monday: bring your thread, hooks and savvy and get ready for a free pattern* with some variations and room for personalization. We'll start with developing the base of the bag, using chain stitches and double crochet, crocheting in the round. Having a stitch marker on hand will help you to count your stitches.

*Our market bag pattern, and all tutorials found on this site are presented for your personal use only. Tutorials and/or objects made from my tutorials may not be sold commercially (that includes Etsy or Ravelry!). If you want to sell something based on one of my tutorials, please email me at gonudesoap at gmail dot com and we'll try to work out a fair deal. Please play nicely! 

Excited? I sure am!  See you next week!

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