Monday, June 20, 2011

We Made It!

5 days, 2,000+ miles, treacherous dust devils and high winds, gorgeous views, 2 motels, dehydration, plant casualties and confiscations and some sore muscles later, An Austin Homestead and The Rommels have arrived in Merrill, Oregon right at dusk.

My Meyer Lemon tree was lost to the state of California.

Pocket is thrilled with her new leash free life with her Auntie Blinca (a golden retreiver) and boundless new smells to investigate. I'm thrilled to be home to sunsets and wide open spaces. My husband is thrilled to begin a new phase of our lives in a brand new spot for both of us (Willamette Valley) with so much potential in store.

And I think these folks are thrilled to have their little girl back. ;)  More unpacking to do and some serious soap making for Nude Soap this week, but i hope to be back on a regular blogging routine asap! On the docket:
  • Road recipes
  • Treacherous driving conditions
  • Dead plants
  • Confiscated plants and federal quarantines
  • Motel reviews
  • Sights and stops along the road
Anyone want to come over and help us unload this huge van??? Ha ha ha ha!

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