Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's finally that time: An Austin Homestead is on the road, Austin to Oregon. I hope you'll join us on our travels, and forgive me for fewer posts while we're en route and getting settled. This year is going to be amazing and full of adventures, i can feel it!

The house was full of boxes and now those boxes fill one big ole' moving van, after one long day (10 am to 7 pm with still a few odds and ends left) of packing with the husband. What a day! And now the adventure begins, on the 2nd day of our 3rd year of our marriage!

We're off! I'll do my best to post snippets along the way: sights, road food, silly photos, notes and souvenirs. I'll be elaborating on the highlights once we've landed. In the meantime, wish us luck! We're Oregon bound!

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