Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Wholesome Wednesday This Week

Many apologies for skipping this week's wholesome wednesday. I have a feeling they will be a little less frequent these next few weeks as we travel to Oregon and around the state, as i like to spend a significant time researching and preparing for them. Today, however is skipped for a more somber reason: my husband's grandfather has passed away and we're headed to a funeral.

My family tends to treat funerals as a somber, yet joyful event. A chance to see family and old friends, to share lots of hugs, to remember and celebrate the deceased with tons of great stories while snacking on tasty treats. My grandfather, Andy (also my husband's name) passed when i was about 14. I got to see family i'd never met and ate the most delicious food brought by tons of Jewish and Italian friends of my grandparents' family from around Pleasantville (Westchester) NY. I've never had a better Kaiser roll in all my life, and that first funeral has colored all the rest that i've attended as being not depressing at all: but full of joyful tears and sympathetic laughter shared with family and old friends.

I don't know how my husband's family approaches funerals, so i'll be demure and ready to use my excellent hugging skills if i feel appropriate. I am very sad that my new grandfather has passed away, but i'm so glad that I got to listen to many of his stories and get to know him a bit. I wish my husband had been able to meet his sidelong-namesake, as he was a truly fantastic man.

So, off on the road we go, Houston bound. Back soon.

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