Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Envirosax! Awesome Grocery Bags and a GIVEAWAY!

Omigosh, i am so excited about this giveaway! Envirosax has been nice enough to offer a free bag from their new Travel Series to one of my lucky readers. I've been an Envirosax use for years and truly want you, my readers to get a chance at these awesome bags. I think they are hands down the absolute BEST reusable grocery/everything bags on the market. See below for GIVEAWAY details!

The genuine Travel Pack by Envirosax celebrates the beauty and essence of three world-class cities. Featuring awe-inspiring New York, romantic Paris and scenic Sydney, these whimsical bags will make you feel like you are there.
“Whether you are exploring exotic places or discovering local hidden hideaways in your own hometown, these bags are designed for the adventurous at heart,” said founder and CEO Belinda David-Tooze.  
These bags will have you daydreaming about watching a play in the Sydney Opera House; enjoying a romantic dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower or shopping in trendy SoHo in New York. 
The Travel pack can be purchased as a pouch or individually. These bags make great gifts for friends who have a special fondness or memories of these cities. I'm particularly fond of the Sydney bag as i spent a semester in college living in various parts of Australia.

I've been using Envirosax for many years since my best friend gifted me one while traveling in Denmark. I used my first Envirosax bag until it was literally falling apart at the seams, but that didn't happen for about 6 years! If you're like me, you constantly forget your reusable bags in the back of your car, in the house, or somewhere in the garage filled with picnic supplies from the last weekend's adventures, instead of bringing them INTO the grocery store with you. The bags from Envirosax are made specifically with us dodo birds in mind. They roll up so compactly, they can easily live in your purse and even fit in a pocket. Unlike some other fold-up reusable bags, Envirosax fold out to be HUGE with a 44 pound capacity (which i'm sure i have exceeded). I can usually fit my entire grocery trip in 1 bag and 2 always has me covered. I've had my current bag for about 3 years and it's showing zero signs of wear, other than being less waterproof (due to my mistake: you're not supposed to machine wash/dry Envirosax). They are washable, but hand washing is preferred to maintain that water resistant coating.

Envirosax are easy to use. They start out as cute little sushi sized rolls with snaps and fold out to be roomy, comfortable over the shoulder and ready to transport whatever precious cargo you have - they even stand up on their own if you pack them nicely.

Join Envirosax in its goal of encouraging reuse and reducing waste from one-use plastic bags.  Envirosax features graphic prints in a variety of shades to suit everyone’s lifestyle. I picked up my cute "Animal Planet" series bag at The Natural Gardener. I like birdies  :)
Use your Envirosax for:
  • Carry-on luggage
  • Laundry bag
  • Beach bag, perfect for wet towels and suits
  • Groceries
  • Other shopping
  • Carrying shoes
  • Sewing/knitting projects
  • Diaper bag
  • Anything, anywhere, anytime as you will always have it with you!
At about 20 pounds, Pocket barely strains the weight limit of my Envirosax bag. I doubt she'd enjoy riding in there, but doesn't she look adorable?

And now for the GIVEAWAY! As usual i'd like to offer a variety of chances for you to win, you'll get 3 shots this time 'round and i hope you'll use all three! These bags are really so super awesome, i wish i could get one for every one of my readers! But i can't, so i hope you'll enter for your chance to win. The contest begins TODAY and the winner will be chosen this coming Monday at 8 pm central!

1. Please check out their FAQ at Envirosax.com and comment back here with one of the facts you think is pretty awesome. (I'm pretty fascinated by their printing process which allows those pretty designs to last just about forever with minimal fading.)

2. Tweet/Facebook/Blog about Envirosax and/or An Austin Homestead and this giveaway, then post a comment with the link to yours for a second entry.

3. Become a new 'fan' or "like" An Austin Homestead on Facebook, become a new follower or subscribe to my feed, or refer a friend who does so and comment here with that info for a third entry.

For a secret bonus entry, submit a tip or trick you regularly use to minimize your waste while traveling or grocery shopping. I know some of you are forward thinking enough to bring mason jars and jar funnels to the store when going bulk shopping, i'd be interested in hearing any other tips on how to use less packaging, especially when traveling.

So that's that! FOUR chances to win a super awesome 'good for everything' and 'store anywhere' bag from Envirosax. For even better karma, click the new "stumble" icon below to spread news of this great giveaway to the world. Be sure and leave contact information with your comments so that i can congratulate the winner and get you your new bag. Good luck!

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