Friday, May 6, 2011

Project Propagate: I See Some Roots!

It's the end of the first week of my propagation project for Yard Farm and things seem to be going smoothly, for the most part. We had some slight chances of rain earlier this week, so i moved the flats into my carport.

The flats now receive nothing much than diffused, ambient light with some direct sun in the late afternoon. I've continued to water from below and haven't needed to add much water lately as temps have been a bit cooler. I haven't needed to mist much either as the plastic seems to be keeping things moist.

Maybe too moist. The sage is showing some signs of yucky. I'm not sure what this is, but other than the moldy looking coloration, it's perky and happy. A few of the cuttings are looking a bit droopy: the butterfly bush and almond verbena, but things are mostly only drooping in my separate flat or slightly larger cups and cardboard surround instead of plastic tub. I'm loving these cement mixing tubs! Insulating and easily plasticked over. Highly recommend them, especially in climates where it's not 97 degrees in May.

I plucked out a rosemary to check on root progress. Nothin'

But eureka! The thyme is rooting! One week and already showing rooty nubs. Thyme quickly sends out roots on its own out in the garden as it is a creeping plant, so i bet that's why it's the first to show roots. It gives me hope that the rest will quickly follow suit, so check back next week for progress!

Are you starting any cuttings? I'd love to hear how your project is progressing.

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