Monday, April 25, 2011

So Long, Soot

This weekend saw a change in our flock: Soot has gone to a new home.

Soot with my other market goodies: she was not at all sure what was going on and had plenty to say about it.

We continue to debate about bringing any of our hens with us on our voyage west. I think we've decided that Belina is coming with us. Belina is our big, puffy, personable Buff Orpington who is the subject of a childrens book i'm writing. She's just too sweet and too easily harassed to be left behind. She's also the reason Soot was the first to go. Soot was our favorite pullet: beautiful, full of things to say (she makes the sweetest little sounds) and an excellent layer. She's also what we liked to call "the enforcer." She's in charge of alerting about danger, and ruling hte roost. Poor Belina was looking really great while Soot was molting and feeling like poo - and as soon as she was back to feeling herself, Belina was back to having bloody comb at most times and constantly chased about. Soot is a great hen, and she'll be great for our friend Robin who has 6 other hens that will be sure to put "Queen Soot" in her place.

I'm betting that Soot is none too happy right now, being the new girl in an established flock. I'm sure she's getting her share of well placed pecks and comb lacerations, but all is peaceful and serene back at the homestead flock. Three hens are left, and other than a little increase skittishness caused by the lack of their previous leader, all is well for our remaining hens. Belina is standing up a little more proudly. Olive is finding her voice, and BB (the quiet mob boss) is finding her way into the role of head hen.

Why am i in this cage, mom? Will Robin hug me every day like dad does??

BB will be next to go, hopefully to a flock of Chanteclers. Her breed is endangered and i'd love her to assist in propagating it. She's frequently broody and would make a great hen for someone looking to re-establish this rare, heritage breed. We might also leave BB and Olive here for the next owners, but I hate to risk their lives to new chicken owners who might forget to lock them up at night. We have some time to make our decision. For now, i'm enjoying watching the peace and camaraderie.

Have you ever moved (long distance) with hens? Do you have any advice?
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