Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wholesome Wednesdays: Bee Pollen

I've recently discovered this super food and have been sprinkling a little in our yogurt every morning. According to Rosemary Gladstar, bee pollen is an energizing food that nourishes our nervous systems. It is amazing to think that every little grain of bee pollen truly contains all the goodies of flowers and bees and hours of diligent bee-work.  What really amazes me, however is that bee pollen- seemingly a little granule of honey-sweet candy, is a complete protein! Bee pollen contains all the 22 amino acids, with a super dose of the 8 most essential to our health than other protein sources. The bees themselves impart an enzymes into the pollen which changes the protein into free amino acids that are directly assimilated by the human body. Bee pollen also contains high amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other essential nutrients for our longevity and wellness including B complex. One of the 'draw backs' of eating vegetarian is the lack of complete proteins. Our bodies require all the amino acids for to function properly and maintain healthy muscles and systems. Our bodies cannot create all of the amino acids crucial for health, so it is imperative that these nutrients be consumed. Bee pollen can fill the gaps!

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Like local honey, bee pollen may help with your allergies, but sample your first kernels carefully. Those with sensitivities to allergens may notice an adverse reaction to the pollen granules, but strong allergic reactions are rare. I sampled one little granule at first: and noticed immediate allergic ticklings of throat and nose. My symptoms went away immediately and I've eased into my new regiment a kernel at a time, and now have no negative reactions. I can't necessarily vouche for feeling energized or more healthy. To be honest, i've been pretty run down with all the goings on around here lately. But i continue my 6 year streak of no colds or other 'sick,' and my allergies seem less than they have in the past.

Bee pollen is wonderful sprinkled on top of yogurt and would be great on salads too. Don't cook the pollen or you will destroy all those wonderful enzymes.

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