Thursday, March 17, 2011

Real Food, Real Delicious

In honor of the Real Food Challenge, i thought i'd repost this, my husband and my FAVORITE of seasonal dishes: Pesto Kale! I've been making this dish the past two Winters, and have honed it to absolute perfection, though am always willing to put in whatever ingredients are freshest for a brand new and even better absolute perfection!

This particular evening's version of pesto kale was soooooo good, and was a glorious tribute to the mission statement behind the real food challenge.

Grown in my garden: Serranos (frozen from late summer), garlic, pesto (frozen from last fall, made with local pecans), onions, home canned tomatoes, and of course: the kale!

Sourced locally: Buddy's all natural chicken sausage. Minimal ingredients. Locally made. Natural and delicious.

Non local ingredients: Olive oil, the cheese in the pesto, salt and pepper.

Feels pretty great to grow it, make it, eat it, and enjoy a nutrient packed, uber fresh and easily put together meal. Fist pumps all around.

*** Update: made this favorite dish again last night with ground turkey and mushrooms. OMG. Even better. Always cook the meat first with the onions/garlic and tomatoes, then add the pesto and other veggies (mushrooms) and end by adding the kale and cook until wilted to your satisfaction. Nom nom nom.

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