Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fantasy: Goats

I think i'll start another weekly series, Friday Fantasies. With our eyes set to the next horizon, it seems fitting to mention some of the things we're dreaming about and scheming to set into motion. Goats have been on our wish list for many years now, and though our flock (herd?) will have to wait until A. land is procured B. chickens are re established and C. veggie gardens are good and going: i can still dream about the cute little fuzzy faces we're so looking forward to.

I plan on pursuing a breeding program of Kinder Goats, a cross between Nubians and Pigmies. That plan may change, but we're definitely set on the dwarf sized breeds.
Here are some links and resources i've found so far, along with some cute goat pictures for the heck of it.

  • Yellow Door Barn. Heidi's recent guest post was great, and she has tons more goaty info including new photos of her brand new kids!
  • Kinder Goats. Lots of info on developing your Kinder flock.
  • Living Fences. Not goat related specifically, but fascinating information on how to create living hedgerows.
  • Baking Soda for Goats. The Prairie Homestead has some good tips.
  • Render Lard. Baby goats mean unwanted billy kids which to me means butchering my own meat and rendering my own lard to use in cooking and soap making. This is a great tutorial from Spain in Iowa.
  • Milking Schedules. A very recent post from the Prairie Homestead, this is sooo helpful.
And now it is time to blubber over the cuteness of goat kids:

One of Heidi's adorable kids

Ah, what we have to look forward to....
Sweet face
And here is a little Kinder.
I'm dreaming alright, and i can't wait for it to become a reality!   Happy Friday, y'all!

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