Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frosty Giveaway Reminder

My normal 'overreact to any cold and cover all plants with 57 blankets and heat lamps' self is quite surprised at how calm she's reacting to the apparently 'everyone is dead' state of the garden she didn't cover with anything but a scant layer of leaves. If only i'd had more leaves on hand. Sigh. I made some sauteed broccoli from frozen garden members last night, and i'm pretty sure the thaw will expose many limp, unspringing-back crops. Thankfully, the garden was really down to pretty much volunteer herbs, kale and onions. I'm hoping the kale springs back, as well as the onions and garlic. The rest may be a wash. Live and learn! I really wanted to see how cold these plants could really take it as a learning experience, after all. Thinking on the bright side: maybe the cucumber beetles will finally be eradicated.

The 'thaw' doesn't appear to be on the horizon any time soon, by the way. We even have a call for flurries tonight. Overnight. Of course. I want to see some snow, dangit! I grew up sledding all Winter and am desperately hankering for some snow to play in. I think i'll harvest more of the sad broccoli tonight, but i'll be leaving the kale and cabbage to see if they persevere. 

I'll post 'after' photos as soon as things thaw out. Here are the greens i harvested last night:

Inside the broccoli: ice particles!

Last but not least: REMINDER REMINDER, GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY. I announced last Friday that i'd be choosing two winners this Friday for a prize worth over $75 bucks! I think that's worth entering. You have 4 chances to win a gift card for $45 at CSN Stores (they have books, gardening tools, bedding, dog toys, kitchenware: ANYTHING) and 2 coupons for original art by Miranda R. Mueller Illustration. I'll be choosing the winners at 4pm tomorrow: so enter now!

Pocket agrees it's been a bit chilly, and was all tuckered out after watching "Legend of the Guardians" with us last night. She enjoyed our walk outside, and i really hope she gets to see some snow!

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