Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can You Hear the Screaming of the Hens, Clarice?

I happened to be in Buck Moore Feed yesterday and overhead a woman talking with another customer about the noisiness of roosters and the 'pastoral sounds' of hens. I had to interject, saying my hens are PALENTY noisy. She agreed, but her opinion was that their 'noisiness' is more zen like. I had to chuckle.

These girls are NOT feeling very zen like right now:

Scratching, clamouring, clucking and howling. They are very, very, very noisy.

It is spring and my yard needs some grass. They do a very efficient job of consuming all those tender shoots and thus will be confined to their mobile coop for a few weeks. Much to there very, very audible chagrine.

I DO hear the screaming of the hens, Hannibal Lecter. I hear it every morning and so do my neighbors, much to THEIR sometimes audible chagrine.

Good thing we don't have a rooster, ay?
Do your hens cause a ruckous, or are they pastoral, cooing darlings?

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