Friday, December 17, 2010

Bread Attempt #3: WOO HOO! Total Bread Success!!!

I've finally done it! I've succeeded at baking a loaf of light and fluffy bread. Granted, it's not as salty or flavorful as it could be as i didn't have the sodium packed chicken boullion the recipe called for, but it's pretty darn tasty, just the right texture and is going to make some amazing egg salad sandwiches!

I picked up this book at a local book store about a year ago. I've tabbed a lot of soup and bread recipes i've wanted to try, but my repeated bread failure made me hesitant to try my hand at any of her yummy sounding recipes. These recipes are not fancy. They're not new fangled. They're just good, basic and interesting sounding breads and soups. After my success today, i'm willing to say this was one of the best $1s i've ever spent. Way to go, books from 1974! While working on the bread i thumbed to the beginning of the book where i hoped there would be, and was happy to find, a section on how to knead, what to expect during rising, and other basic tips (like put the rising dough in a WARM greased bowl and where to and where not to put it to be cozy and rising.)

Everything went like clock work, i learned how to knead, and i used up some of the whey from my failed attempt at mozz the other day to make a delightful loaf of bread, plus a bonus loaflet ( i halved her recipe .)

Woah! Totally doubled! Finally!

 I like not failing. I enjoy succeeding. I WILL i WILL i WILL be able to be a proper homemaker and make loaves of bread for pennies a loaf (without any weird preservatives!).

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