Friday, December 10, 2010

Attempt at Bread #2 = SUCCESS!

Last night i started out this bread, and i did it right! I awoke to this in the fridge, and continued following my friend's recipe, with minimal mistakes. Here's how i did:
I did the sponge correctly this time, and woke up with it looking like this:

It's supposed to look like this! Yay!
OMG, this mixer is so awesome. How did i live without one?

The mixer really made mixing up the dough easy and efficient.
 On second thought, I either need to find a manual for this, or get some instruction....... i don't think the dough is supposed to climb up and clog the beaters....

I had to wash my hands to take this photo: this dough was SUPER sticky and globbed all over myself while kneading, even when i added flour. I finally got it to a decent consistency. Not sure if this is normal or if i had my water to flour ratio a bit off.
 Has it risen? Hard to say.... oh, and i remember my friend said to cover with plastic wrap, i've been using a towel.... am i in for failure once again?

A nearly indecipherable difference, it had in fact risen.
I have hope! It stretches and acts much more 'alive' than my previous attempt, and has definitely risen at least SOME.

On with some saran wrap AND a towel and back into the cozy warm lit oven for another hour.

Woo hoo! Not only did it rise, it actually rose to 'poofing above the pan' as it was supposed to! Maybe not as much as it COULD have risen, but i'm pleased.

And how does it look 45 minutes at 350 degrees later?

Up to temperature! Gorgeous! Delicious!
My first successful loaf of bread! A new world has opened up to me. Now i'll start experimenting with adding things to this loaf ( i added some sunflower seeds this go round ) and then start looking for a new recipe using this same 'starter sponge' technique. I like the technique and the proofing in the fridge, but i'd like a more interesting loaf. Maybe oatmeal? More grains? Veggies added?  Feel free to email me your favorite recipes. But please include 'how to' tips, as i'm by no means a pro!

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