Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pickles #2: Results

#1: If your raw garlic tastes nasty, though shalt NOT put it in your pickle crock

#2: If your grape vines are decaying with the fall, though shalt not place their leaves in your pickle crock

#3: If you should not follow these first two rules, though shalt still eat of thine pickles, as they're pretty good despite the mild nasty-garlic flavor.

Yes, those garlic cloves did nastify the pickles some, and the mold floating on the top of the brine kinda freaked me out so i stopped the process a day shy of a week. Apparently mold is no biggy when fermenting pickles, but i'm allergic to mold and don't feel the need to place more of it inside my house.

It's neat to see the process though: just brined, fermenting, end of ferment:

Fermenting nicely
Cukes are pickled, brine nasty and murky, mold on surface (and caught by the weight)
Rinsing off the nasty brine and mold - picking out disgusting garlic mistake
Re-packed into a clean jar and covered with fermented brine from the last batch

The last batch never turned all murky and moldy like this and i'm not sure what was the cause of the nasty. BUT the pickles are still pretty good AND they're super crunchy! I'll forgive them their garlicy nast aftertaste - was my fault, after all.

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