Friday, October 15, 2010

All Natural Carpet Freshener

is easy to make and fun to use!

For clarification: my house doesn't smell. In fact everyone always compliments the usual yummy aromas emanating from it. But Miss Pocket is shedding a LOT and i figure i might as well help the carpet out to smell and feel its best.

The ingredients are simple and all things i had on hand. If you have a hard time finding food grade Diatomaceous Earth - check out your local organic plant nursery - the stuff sold in hardware stores to kill bugs often has nasty chemicals in it, as does the stuff for cleaning pools. Baking soda is a natural freshener and Diatomaceous Earth helps kill nasty cockroaches and potential flea/other-bug visitors. I combined the two with some essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus (both share antiseptic and cleansing power), whisked well to thoroughly combine the oils and dusts,  and scattered about using an old spice jar. A sifter would have been better but i do not posses such a tool. The DE can dry your skin, so I used about 50/50 DE and Baking soda and vacuum up most of the dust. I like to leave some along the walls and in crannies to attack the cockroaches, but leave the rest to sit on the carpet about 15 minutes then vacuum. The bedroom never smelled so nice!

Natural Carpet Freshener

Natural Carpet Freshener

Natural Carpet Freshener

You can combine about any essential oils you want, but do some research per the safety to pets - apparently tea tree oil can be bad for them. Both the baking soda and DE are perfectly safe for babies and pets alike. Have fun making your own natural carpet freshener and keep your house safe and smelling lovely .

Do you make your own carpet freshener?

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