Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Am NOT Pleased

A. My face and arms look like i've been attacked by fire ants or bees. What was the culprit you ask? Beans. A whole mess of bean plants. My pole beans were out of control, unproductive, and in generally irritating. So i pulled them all out with the help of my pup by my side, and suffered nasty rash as a repercussion. Beans, corn, cucumbers: all are sticky with evil fuzz on their leaves that i'm quite allergic to. Who says plants don't fight back?

B. My very favorite tomato plant in the garden is being attacked. Not sure of the culprit of this thieving, but it's either squirrels or more likely birds. I was walking in the backyard the other day only to have a huge, gorgeous green tomato plopped at my feet with half of itself missing. No you didn't! Then this morning i found another at the base of a tree, another in a crook of a branch in the same tree, and several dropped to the ground around the plant.  No wonder i've harvested so few blushing tomatoes off this plant - nasties are beating me to it!


Unacceptable indeed! Sadly, i tossed my bird netting last year after some sad run ins with lizards being caught in the mesh. All i have is some old window screen, some christmas ribbon, and a gumption to shoot me some marauding bird! I may have to make a trip to the hardware store to buy more supplies, as i do NOT want to lose all my crop of favoritest tomatoes to nasty thieving local birds.

What are your strategies for protecting your tomatoes from "the Enemy"?

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