Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My New Pondlet

A month or so ago i decided that my Summer project this year would be to put together a little pond in the back. I wanted to use a found/reclaimed/recycled horse trough type container, rocks from around the place, and cheap little feeder fish. I thought about using a fountain/bubbler of some kind, but preferred attempting a natural balance with plants and fish oxygenating and cleaning each other.
Coincidentally, Susy over at Chiot's Run is also dabbling in the art of pond-making. Here's to reclaimed pond forms graced to us by our parents!

Hornwort: a submerged plant that oxygenates the water.

My inlaws recently procured the property adjacent to theirs, and it included a garage chock full of junk (awesome stuff to be used by us!). This old tub was there, and after waiting a few months to be sure it wasn't destined to be a planter for them, snagged it to be my new pond! I think it's turning out just swell.

Still a work in progress - i bought some liner to go inside of the tub to prevent rusting damaging the fishes(yes, i like to say fishes instead of fish. It's just another facet of my quirky personality. Though fishes is actually a grammatically correct term. Look it up), but it didn't really go all the way around the tub, and the water still gets in between the liner and the metal, so i have no idea if it will be effective in the least. It sure is unattractive though. I placed some rocks in to hold the liner out, and one to stick up to help toads/ lizards/ bugs to get in and out if they happened to find the water. Could be a nice dove perch for drinking as well.

Hmm, i could stand to repaint my toenails, ay? Pond doubles as a foot rest.
Yesterday, i noticed the water level reduced by a few inches. Leak? Perhaps - or perhaps the water is simply being taken advantage of in different ways. Note on the water used: i filled this with about half rain water from my barrel and half city water. My hope is that the plants will help filter out the nasty city water. I'll try and fill it with rain water whenever possible.

So today i get the fish and see how it all comes together! Sure is a lovely backyard setting now.
I may still think about adding a trickly pump just for the pretty noise, but not for now.

What's your Summer project this year??

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