Monday, May 17, 2010

Review: Buitoni Pasta

Darn Tasty! 

I was graced with a coupon to try out Buitoni pasta recently, and i have nothing bad to say about it. The ingredients were fairly close to natural food, for a packaged item. The filling was decadent but delicious. The caloric value was a bit high, but a good amount to split with a hungry husband. The pasta wasn't quite as filling as it was fattening, but still a fun weeknight treat, and easy to prepare. The pasta would have been highlighted better if i had topped it with simple butter or perhaps garlic infused olive oil, but i like tomato sauce so i made some of that and served the hubby with mostly pasta and a little sauce, me with mostly sauce and a little pasta.

I think i will take this pasta as inspiration for my next homemade ravioli recipe: mushrooms, basil and ricotta, with perhaps some homemade mozzerella and homegrown garlic? Sounds good to me! Can't wait to have fresh basil growing again - it's on its way!

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