Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day - Kiddo Recipe week postponed

Hello all -
My greatest apologies. I seemed to have forgotten this was a holiday weekend and just haven't gotten any kiddo recipes together yet. Stay tuned until next week!

I do have one yucky piece of information to post: Corn worms!
Not sure their actual name - but my lovely corn is all full of big, nasty worms eating up the sweet delicious crop. So, i harvested all the ears that were mature enough to look like ears, picked out all the nasty worms, clipped off the nasty worm chewed bits, fed the worms and bits to the chooks and stuck the untainted corn cobs into the fridge. We'll be boiling corn tonight!  I guess i'm not as keen on growing corn again next year as i thought: my body is covered in rashy itch-fest (i'm allergic to grass and corn is one big honkin' grass!) and with only about 3-4 pounds of corn harvested i'd rather just grow my beans on poles, thank you.

Have a great holiday, and i'll be back in force tomorrow!

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