Friday, May 28, 2010

From Sun Dress to Skirt!

I have two identical sundresses - different colors. They used to have straps, which i removed to make cute strapless sundresses. Alas, i've gained some weight and they're now a bit tight in the bosom area! I'm keeping one whole, it may be tight but it's still cute and Summery. But the other i'm chopping into a comfy, fluffy skirt!
Bonus - the top bit now acts as a cute strapless bra/ sunning top. It will help solve many "i don't have a strapless bra so i can't wear this pretty dress/shirt" dilemmas in the future, i'm sure!

I am SO in love with this skirt! It is the most comfortable and downhomecountrycute thing i have ever worn. I wore it the rest of the day: it's comfy for gardening, drawing, walking, sitting on the couch, snuggling, EVERYTHING! My husband loves it as much as i do, so i had better make at least 6 more so that i can wear one every day. I think i'll be scouring the thrift stores for flouncy sun dresses to dismantle from now on!

Method in brief:

  • Decide how long you want it to be: i cut 11 inches above the edge of the fluff at the bottom
  • This skirt has a liner, so i pinned it first, then cut
  • Straight stitch along the top to keep the liner and skirt together
  • Fold over 1/4 inch, iron
  • Fold over 1/2 inch, iron
  • Cut a length of elastic to just tighter than where you want it to set and sew together
  • Pin the beginning of the elastic within your little hem and start sewing!
  • I used a straight left stitch - this way the pressure foot (and my guiding fingers) held the elastic towards what would be the top of the skirt and sewed the hem to the edge of the fold. You'll have to stretch the elastic at the end
  • The result is a very comfortable, slightly bunched top
 Sweet golfing action shot! Circa 1 year ago: smaller me, more dress.


Lounging, playing, swimming, driving, biking: this skirt is comfy and swell in oh so many ways. 
I'm very tempted to hack the other dress too.

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