Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Bread Recipe

I'm going to try to bake on Sunday. I do not know if i will be successful, so i may just drive to Central Market and buy a loaf of the bread that inspired me to try this recipe in the first place, just as a contingency plan.

This recipe calls for anise. I hate anise. I will not be using anise. i think i will replace the dreaded anise with a nice vanilla bean instead. I think that should prove to be quite tasty

This bread is delicious - at least the version i tried at central market. Almost sweet, but not as sweet as coffee cake or sticky buns - just a lightly sweet flavor, soft, melty texture with nice interior fluff and surface sheen. The recipe says i should steep the anise/vanilla in white wine for three hours - i think i'll just do that overnight in the fridge instead to save me some Sunday morning prep time. As it is i think this bread will take me about 3 hours plus baking time to prepare. I'll be using king arthur flour, which is high gluten, so the result may be too dense... in fact i might by a bag of regular all purpose flour just for this - and mix in a teeny bit of whole wheat flour so that i feel like there is SOME nutrition in here.

I will be using lemon zest from my Meyer tree and raw milk that i thankfully remembered to take out of the freezer today.

Remember to check next week for photos and 'results' from this week's recipes.
Have a wonderful Easter and perhaps comment below any fun Easter crafts/recipes that you'll be trying this year.


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