Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Chicken Musings/Humor

My chooks are spoiled, ridiculous girls.

Chickens are supposed to 'know' that it is bed time and amble back to their coop and roost. This activity is often so reliable that folks can install automatic doors that open and close with the beginning and ending of the day.

My girls?
Apparently they still think my husband and I are the head hens and need to be snuggled with. When the sun goes down our girls don't head for their coop, they huddle around the back porch: "Chickens in the house?"

When they were wee chicks we would often put them to sleep on our tummies while we sat on the couch. I guess they still think that's the place to be.

No, girls. That porch chair is not your roost.

Olive, our wild little Wyandotte who's life started out in a farmyard, is the only one with any sense. But as she's the bottom of the pecking order, nobody listens to her and Andy has to lead them into their proper resting place.

Do you raise chickens? Do they have any ridiculous antics you'd like to share?

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