Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gorgeous Day!

Man alive. I'm wearing shorts and a tank top. Seeds are germinating, Dog is panting, Chickens are scratching, Spring is springing.

Except that i have to bring all the citrus and the hibiscus back in soon.
Laaaaaaame Texas forecast:

Seriously - can't it just be consistent sometimes?
Nope. But i suppose i've just lived in texas too long - i assume the flukey weather is due to my location. But really Spring is usually flukey, right?

List of to dos today:
Enjoy the gorgeousness
Make granola
Clean house
Till some garden patches while the sun is out to dry the ground
Plant some mixed millet to border my yard (destined to be chicken fodder)
Make veggie curry for some friends for dinner - perhaps i'll post the "recipe" tomorrow

It may be too early to plant some seeds - but i figure they'll either wait the cold patch out and germinate a little later, or i'll just try again at th end of march. Either way, it's an excuse to get outside.
Sorry for today's lame post. It's been a slow week  ;)

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