Monday, January 4, 2010

Short Note to My Readers

I just wanted to write you all a brief note.

I generally try to include on this blog only my own recipes, tips, etc that i have either gleaned over time or written entirely myself.  However with my sudden inspiration by the books on nutrition and fermented foods i got for christmas, I've decided to try other folks' recipes. I of course want to share with you the awesomness, trial and error, and new theories I'm developing and learning about here on my blog. I won't be able to share the exact recipes in respect to the authors' copyrights, but i'll try to lend the jist and my takes on it.

Soon hopefully I'll get the hang of the basics and start making up my own versions of things.  I will still write down the bread and dinner recipes that i've whipped up, and offer suggestions on the fermentation and other processes that i've picked up from these books.

Have a wonderful first week in this new year. May your tables and gardens be filled with bounty and health.

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