Monday, January 4, 2010

First Breakfast of the New Year of New Eating

So good. So. Good. Porridge. You hear that word and do not think "good" but you'd be wrong.
This is GOOD.

Another recipe from Nourishing Traditions. Sally Fallon points out that newly popular whole grain diets are off base. Whole grains that have not been soaked and mildly fermented (I preparation which had been practiced for thousands of years) are difficult to digest and can cause chronic problems and allergies including gluten intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome.  At first you experience benefit from all that bran, but after a while things can get "backed up" if you know what i mean.  By soaking the grains with a bit of whey you break down some of that hard to digest bran and fiber and increase enzyme and nutrient content that help you to break down and absorb more vitamins and minerals in what you eat.

Last night i soaked some steel cut oats with some warm water and bit of whey. Covered and let sit on the counter until this morning. I heated up some salty water to a boil, added the soaked grains and some chopped medjool dates. Served with a bit of local honey and sat under my husband's gourd arbor with my chickens playing at my feet enjoying a DELICIOUS bowl of porridge! Plenty left over and stored in the fridge for an easy-to-heat-up, much healthier than granola breakfast for husband tomorrow.

This will be a new staple in my kitchen!

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