Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sewing an Apron, and Creating the Pattern

We'll see if this works, and i hope it does!

I'm a huge fan of retro aprons. I have a little apron i wear to bake in, but it's old, christmasy, and fit a lot better when I was about 9.  So i popped by Hancock Fabrics the other day and bought some cute cotton fabric featuring my signature bright blue color (featured prominently in my wardrobe, on my toenails, and in my tattoos): a gingham type with little strawberries, and a polka dot of blue with white dots.  My goal is to create something like this:

with a little pencil pocket on the top bib, and a little 'put things in me' pocket down in the skirt area. Flouncy, pleated, ruffly skirt, with straps that loop over the shoulders and attach to the waste tie instead of looping behind the neck, which i can't stand.

Measuring isn't proving to be TOO difficult - but i sure wish i had some of that nice pattern paper stuff. i'm using some tissue paper which is okay. Soon forgoed the tissure paper and just drew on the back of the fabric using a pencil and a nice straight yard stick for the lines.

Alright, coming along smoothly. Top seems to be the right size. Skirt cut and hemmed with a nice little folded over hem to look more finished. Now i have to approach the 'dart' dilemma. Cool, instead of just doing regular darts that slide along the hem, i'm squishing them down to make a nice flat square type situation. i'm sure this isn't new to anyone who sews regularly, but i'm just figuring it out as i go. In fact, i think the husband just nailed it: pleats!

Just pinned the top and bottom together: thumbs up! Now i sew them together and then make the waste band and over the shoulder straps. Final step will be the pockets and lace at the bottom.

A. I wish i had an ironing board so that i wouldn't be crouching right now
B. I wish i'd done the hems on the top part differently... there are ravvly edges , i could have done inside out as it is double sided to have a nice finished edge. but no. wah wah. That would have even been easier to do. I know for next time i guess.

Alright! waist band turned out great: glad i got as many yards as i did. Now it's over the shoulder time, trickier i'm guessing. Straps worked out, a little irrritating and loose but good i think.

All in all the apron turned out great. the pockets are swell, the straps slightly less irritating if i cross them in the back. Next time i'd make the top differently, even with some added darts to the side it sticks out a little bit.  I like it so much, however that i made another one with just the skirt part and a pocket that has  little separate divider for a pencil.


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