Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some photos on Tuesday evening.

Here are just a few photos from around the gardens. August in Texas is not the most flattering for the vegetables. I'm battling a few pests, using a bit too much water, and treating the soil with soaks of water and John's Recipe (from the Natural Gardener), Hasta Gro occasionally, and this morning some whey. All in all it's going alright - if you don't count all the dropped flowers and absence of fruit.

My husband Andy's gourd project. He gets frustrated with their small size - but I think he's doing pretty well for a rather passive gardening project.

Dotti and Soot

Soot is such a friendly bird, and australorp - she comes up to you whenever given the chance, and is intrigued by the camera lense. I escaped peck-harm. Dotti "Donny" and Belina in the background. If only they would learn to roost 2 hours from now!

Sad Ichiban: overrun with aphids and mealybugs... i spray it weekly with peppermint, soap, and cayenne, but they keep marauding.

Nasty aphids. They've actually been significantly reduced.

Ripening Giant Marconis - the first batch grew to be about 4 times this size: i roasted them, skinned them, and stuffed them with delicious healthy (but evil tasting) things and baked them.

Garden in 'it's hot out here' mode.

mariachi peppers.

Suyo Long cucumbers: they make me think they're ripening, then just shrivel off and mock me.

At least the native plants are happy: sage, rosemary and lantana.

The green goddess eggplant is pretty happy - the fruits aren't getting much size though. Not sure how to increase the size of my yields.

The pepper grove.

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