Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great news for Dotti today!

Thank you, Josh!

I sent a hopeful email to Josh of yesterday. He helped us to build our girls' coop and raises and sells a variety of chickens up in Burnet, TX. It was my great hope that he could give our little man, Donny/Dotti a new home. It was my pipe dream that he could trade a pullet (young hen) in exchange.
Well, this morning to my delight I received an email back letting me know that Josh is in need of a Wyandotte rooster to fill one of his model coops, and has pullets to trade! Not only will Donny now have a beautiful flock of pretty girl Wyandottes all to himself, but I will get a pretty girl to replace him here at home.
We couldn't be more thrilled.
So this weekend or next, sailboat in tow to a nearby lake, we will bring little Donny to his new home and pick up the newest addition to our family -- though I think we'll wait til we're done sailing to get the new gal, as a chicken at the bow of a sailboat sounds just a little too far fetched, though what a sight that would be! to see all of Josh's great products. I vouch for both his craftsmanship and his generosity.

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