Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicken Swap Update

Well Olive didn't pan out so well. She had a stuffy nose, was tiny, got beat up by the others, and was in general a weanie. So we drove back to Burnet and swapped her for another cutey. Thanks Josh!
New Olive is great - she's bigger, screams like an eagle, kinda looks like a Caracara Eagle actually. Anyhoo - Belina is still being a bossy, wierd-growling-noise making Head Hen and pecking New Olive as much as she can, but the others pretty much leave her alone. I think she's got a chance! She was sneezing on the way home in the car (adorable fairy sneeze sounds) but i fed her garlic and vitamin water and it seems to have cured her. Hoping they can be living together at all times by thursday, until then she's in the rabbit cage and sleeping with them at night.

OH! And i forgot to mention! While we were at Josh's place we got to see Dotti. He was super chill, hangin' out in his very own coop, and hanging out WITH his very own flock of lovely ladies. Times are good for Sir Dotti and his harem of young hens.

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