Monday, January 9, 2012

Handmade Holidays #4: REVEALED!

This gift was a labor of love, an amazing learning experience, and repayment in kind for a handmade gift i received several years ago. Did you have any ideas what this fuzzy photo might be?

If you guessed some handspun yarn, you're right! What really makes this yarn special, however is the fiber it was spun from. I spun this "meriboo" yarn for my mother in law back in Texas. Meriboo is a blend of merino (super soft sheepswool) and bamboo fiber. It is lusciously soft, and very slippery. I had a devil of a time at first, but increased my skill as a spinner by about 300% as i learned to deal with and embrace the nature of this luxury fiber.

I spun 3 separate skeins: one green, one gray, and one striped. I meant for them to all be the same weight to be used interchangably in one project, but as i spun along, i was able to spin more and more finely... and ended up with three skeins of finer and finer weight. I hope my MIL is able to find a project or a few that will utilize this yarn.... but if she's anything like me, this yarn may end up in a stash somewhere to be pulled out and petted on occasion. I do hope you'll knit something with it though, Deb :) 

I'm currently spinning some straight merino fiber, and it is turning out fairly uniform, very fine, and super soft. I'm excited to finely be spinning yarn destined to be a hat for ME, but it brought me so much joy to spin this yarn for my mommy number 3, who ones gifted me a hand-knit shawl of light green bamboo yarn.

Don't you love it when gifts come full circle?

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