Friday, January 20, 2012

Floods in Philomath

Philomath, and local surrounding areas, are facing some tough times. For once, i'm happy to be living in this apartment, on the north and HIGH side of main street. The Mary's River crested this afternoon at record heights, and she took some homes, cars, streets and farms with her. I hope to take some better shots today, but yesterday was a work day and i was only able to snap a few pics on my lunch break.

Philomath Flood Philomath Flood Philomath Flood Philomath Flood Philomath Flood

That last shot is of the parking lot of my workplace.... my low slung hatchback was not at all pleased that i decided to go ahead and drive through that mess. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this flood. From the homeowners with a serious mess on their hands, to Gathering Together Farm with all their farmland covered in water, local residents will have a serious cleanup to face when the waters recede. I just hope the Mary's leaves some topsoil behind.

Local highways and roads to and along the coast are also facing erosion and mudslides. If you must travel, be sure and check with the roads services to see where closures and delays may impede your progress. Back in Texas, we had a saying that reminded folks not to try and drive over low water crossings when in flood. Same goes with Oregon: don't play the fool and try and drive down a street covered in flooding waters. We've already had some casualties from cars swept away into streams and rivers. Learn by their unfortunately example and stick to the high and dry road, even if the bypass delays you on your way somewhere. Better safe than sorry!

On the flip side, Eastern Oregon didn't get as much snow as they hoped and are still facing some scary drought conditions for the upcoming season. I wish we could send some of this surplus to them, but isn't that always the way?

Have you ever been victim to mother nature?

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