Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bummer & See You Next Week

Ugh, bad news. I am on a visit to my parents' house in southern Oregon, which normally would be great, but en route my car blew its clutch and to top it off, i forgot my computer's charger at home. No more posts this week, as all my photos reside therin. Wah.

i will elaborate on the tale of the blown clutch for just a moment though, as it's a bit ironic. My husband tends to be rather anal about my travelling with my cell phone safely in tow. I'm more laxidasical, being late to the realm of cell phones in the first place. So, when i noticed i was missing my phone and already on the road, i kept on going as gosh: i've driven this pass a thousand times long before i ever owned a cell phone! And of course, halfway over the pass, i shift down to get some more acceloration up the mountain only to feel that not so satisfying 'squish' of a blown clutch. Sigh. Not that having my phone with me would have helped, but it could have helped me call for advice. Instead i had to rely on my own gumption, which is also a good thing. I got it back into 5th and cruised along until i just couldn't stand it and pulled into a rest stop. i hoped that perhaps i was mistaken, and the clutch had just been teasing me.

Nope. No dice. I didn't panic, though. Didn't cry. I knew there was a way to drive a manual with a blown clutch, just didn't know HOW. I flagged down a couple driving by, who thank goodness happened to be a little older. Has anyone else noticed that hardly anyone under 50 knows how to drive a standard these days? I thank the Lord for the kind gentleman who did in fact know how to shift a standard, sans clutch and who graciously drove me around the reststop parking lot with complete instructions. Instructions complete with grinding gears.

And so, i limped my way another 100 or so miles to Merrill, OR where i pulled over at R&J automotive, owned by a good high school friend's father who will hopefully get my little nubbin car fixed up in time to get back to work. He probably won't, though - so i'm ready to get back behind the wheel of my old truck. I just might bring a boat with me ;) So, apologies for my absence. I'll see you in a few days! (A little poorer and) Proud to have had the gumption to stick it to my car and persavere over the mountain!

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