Monday, September 12, 2011

Travel Log: Lovely Day for a Faire

I was a participant at the Shrewsbury Renaissance Festival this Sunday, and it was warm! Glad i wasn't there on Saturday though, as it was a Texas-style 100 degrees out there. I dressed as a pirate, and even got comfy with my 'me lady' and 'me lord' and 'good day's. I felt a little silly, but it was a good time. I AGAIN missed out on the turkey leg of my dreams, but enjoyed a cup of mead and viewed the jousting, which was really impressive. These guys weren't using break away lances, but rather using real equipment and gorgeous horses and costumry. One of the jousters busted his lip something fierce on Saturday - glad i didn't see that!

Kings Valley was a gorgeous place for a ren faire. Treed hills all around us, blue sky above, hay field below. It was a lovely day to be sure.

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