Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday Dinner Practice

Thanks to Diana over at A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa for this great recipe! I didn't do much tweaking to her original recipe, other than by using what i had on hand instead of seeking out some other ingredients.

I'll be making this meal for my daddo for his birthday next week, and wanted to practice it once on us to be sure I didn't mess anything up for his special day. I had some elk cube steak defrosted with intentions of grilling it, but the weather turned crisp and my hubs brought home some green beans and purple potatoes and cauliflower, so this fried and baked steak meal was practically foretold.

Check out Diana's page for the original recipe for Fried Minute Steaks. My variations included:
  • 3 elk cube steaks in lieu of the beef 'minute steaks'
  • Rich turkey stock in lieu of beef stock
  • More onions
  • Less oil
  • Additions of garlic, cayenne peppers, rosemary and sage
  • Purple potatoes and cauliflower for the mash
  • A side of quickly sauteed green beans for more veg

This meal was truly to die for. Or to live for, i guess! I happen to have a meat tenderizer, despite rarely cooking red meat in the past. I've always used it to make Kim Chee, and it came in handy for beating the already thin steaks into more tender submission. These steaks were truly forkable, and the oniony gravy was to DIE for! Especially slathered all over the purple mash.
  • Half a dozen small to medium sized Purple Majesty potatoes
  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • Water to boil
  • 1 egg
  • Splash milk
  • Optional butter/ oil/ crushed garlic

I forgot the garlic this time around, but the general 'purple mash' recipe simply calls for cauliflower and potatoes steamed or boiled until tender. Pour out the water, add one egg and a splash of milk plus the garlic if using or any other herbs/seasonings you'd like and blend/whip or mash. Add a hint of oil or butter at the end for extra creamyness. As decadent as mashed potatoes,  with fewer carbs due to the cauliflower. The purple is just fun, don't you think?

What would you cook your pa for his birthday?

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