Monday, August 22, 2011

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto with Seasonal Veggies and Tofu

Man, oh man. Thank you again Mooney Farms for the delicious sun dried tomato products!

Mooney Farms is a family owned business in California and is the largest producer of sun dried tomatoes in the U.S. They really know their stuff, because these suckers were DELICIOUS! I snacked the package of spicey sun dried tomatoes within days, and have been slathering the pesto on just about everything. I'm saving those julienned tomatoes in oil for something special this Winter, but i whipped up a delicious meal of seasonal veggies, tofu and sun dried tomato pesto the other night to my family's delight.

Although we left our veggie gardens back in Austin, I've had unlimited access to fresh, organic produce from Gathering Together Farm where my husband works. Me is one lucky wifey! You can't beat fresh, organic veggies and our health is as good or better than ever: having access to so many varieties of vegetable is even better than growing my own limited supply in a harsh, hot climate. This meal featured purple potatoes, perky chard, fresh tomatoes, zucchini and of course the lycopine packed sundried tomato pesto. Yum!

Chop all the ingredients (could use any seasonal veggies) and toss in according to cooking times. Potatoes and chard stalks first, zucchini, herbs and sauce second, chard greens last. Add tofu or meat for added protein at the beginning to absorb all the flavors. Chard should be cooked like spinach, until just wilted but not dessicated. Adding some lemon juice to leafy greens helps avoid discoloration.

Serve with some fresh tomato and mozz on top and you're in heaven!

You can learn more about Mooney Farms, their family history and their products at their website and can like them on Facebook too! They're one of my page's favorites. They even have a Twitter feed for those of you tweet-a-holics. You can really taste the quality in these products!

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