Monday, July 4, 2011

How About Those Plants I Propagated?

Dead. All dead.

I took cuttings from all my favorite plants from my Austin garden, babied them, potted them up, then put them in the back seat of an un air conditioned car being towed from Texas to Oregon. Bad idea. They all got shocked by the heat, sun, dryness and all around unpleasant climate of Steve, my Hyundai Accent. All but the lemon balm: it of course survived as lemon balm is just another of the many pervasive and invasive mints: you just can't kill 'em.

At least California let me keep my kaffirs. My Meyer Lemon, alas was confiscated. More about the federal quarantine on citrus coming soon!

Our Christmas Citrus tree met a very sad demise: incinerated in the state of California.
Have you ever tried moving with plants? What were your results?

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