Friday, June 24, 2011


A new work space. Boxed up materials. Different time zone. New website in progress..... Nude Soap is having a hard time adjusting to our new location!

I figure i'm experiencing working condition growing pains, i might as well re-work some of my recipes to be EVEN BETTER than before. I love my soap, but one can always improve their work, yes? The new recipes will be just as moisturizing and gentle as the old ones, but with better lather and longer shower life and refined packaging. If you have a favorite variety, just let me know before ordering and i'll send you the new version when their ready: names will change, but product is pretty much the same. I am discontinuing my old 'Cleansing Soap' and replacing it with a new version that doesn't rely on vegetable shortening. It was a quick fix in the beginning, but my standards have been raised and 'shortening' doesn't make the cut.

My original product line consists of Moisturizing Soap, Moisturizing Shea Soap, and Cleansing Soap, each with several variations with herbs and essential oils. I've tweaked the recipes some and will now be offering several blends each of Shea Butter Soap, Herbal Soap, and a new Cleansing Soap including healing herbs and essential oils. The essential oil/herb blends will remain the same as before. I'll also have seasonal specials including the all new Shasta Sage Hemp Soap which should really rock. I may love it so much as to make a hemp soap one of my full time products.  I'm very excited to launch the new soap, but fiddling with soap calculators is sure a headache!

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