Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Road Recipe: Breakfast Nests

I love cooking camp breakfasts, perched over my coleman stove, hot tea in hand and fresh air in my lungs. If we're planning a day full of hiking, i'll make bagels or sausage. On less active days, i still like to cook up some eggs, especially since we were traveling with the last dozen of our ladies' eggs. A favorite camp breakfast with my family has always been eggs in nests. Similar to Foy's Eggy In a Basket, I like to use a sweet bread with the savory eggs. On this particular trip, i picked up some cranberry walnut bread from Central Market which made nice small little nests to start our 2nd day on the road.

**Eggs and toast is just as good, too - even better when you have limited space in your pan. You'll notice from my photographs that i didn't actually make nests while at the state park. This day i made toast and eggs, but i did make nests the following day - so pretend this photos are of nested eggs and bread, tee hee.

Love the new souvenir mug, don't love the newly gained 10 pounds. Grrr.

I buttered the pan and placed the torn bread into it, topped with a bit more butter. I like to wait until the bread toasts a bit before dropping in the egg, as the egg cooks very fast. Drop the eggs carefully into their nests and season with some salt and smoked paprika or herbs, flipping once the bread and egg white have binded some and can be flipped without falling apart. Cook until the amount you like, breaking the yolk after you flip if you like it more well done. Delicious with hot sauce, too!

What's your favorite camping breakfast?

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