Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Few Doses of Ranch Cute

I love this place where i grew up. Bald eagles, hawks, lizards and horses all love it too. It has been such a joy these past two weeks to watch our little urban fur-baby discovering her true ranch dog self. It took 3 days for her to warm up to Blinca, the resident golden but now they're both careening about together like the best of pals. They even play tug of war together! It's really rewarding to watch our little pup get to be a real dog with limitless space to sprint about and chase frisbees, and even more rewarding to occasionally have training sessions or sporadic commands that are still flawlessly obeyed. I'm so proud  :)

 My parents happened to take in some kitties from our local vet's office: they'd been singed in a brush pile someone was burning and she took them in to raise as barn cats. She fixed 2, but the third happened to get pregnant on her first heat. My mama's cat Hermione was pregnant when we moved here last week, and i happened to notice a not-so-pregnant Hermoine a few days ago. My folks were just about convinced the kittens hadn't made it, but i had a feeling the bunny furred cat had just hidden her brood away. And as luck would have it, a rat-seek training session with the dogs found not rats, but Hermoine with 4 tiny kittens.

What a lovely hay nest!

Then, just yesterday the cats found a nest of another sort... sadly 1 of these cuties was dispatched by Smokey the excellent hunting barn cat, but 2 had the luck of being cuddled and re-nested by my softy of a husband. It seems to be baby having season for the small critters around here!

Baby bunnies are CUTE!

My husband and I are toying with keeping one of the kittens.....

  But we should really get the barn before we get the barn cat.......    shouldn't we???

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