Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Envirosax Giveaway Winner

CONGRATULATIONS! To The Cali Dreamer, comment number 52.

Thanks to all of you who entered the contest and who found An Austin Homestead. I hope you'll stick around for a while. This blog is about to become a travel blog for a stint, and then relocated in Oregon where I'm sure to have lots of adventures and serious gardening troubleshooting for your enjoyment and information. My woes are your gains!

As for the giveaway, Envirosax will be shipping your prize shortly. I love your comment about using reusable lunch kits. I personally always used a brown bag (reused about 100 times and worn to a frazzle) or a hello kitty soft sided lunch box i picked up in Hawaii when i was 12 or so. My husband has even sported that to work - to much joshing by his co-workers, i'm sure.

I really loved some of your comments, readers! There were some really great tips to be found on minimizing waste in a way that's easy and convenient to do. Here are some of my favorite tips that you guys submitted:

That last one is swell: i do that all the time too! The checkers think i'm crazy, but it's not as if my driveway is a mile long here in the suburbs. This contest has been a lot of fun, and i hope you new friends will stick around. I learned one other great tip during this giveaway: how to make a screen shot on my mac without using Grab It: Command Shift 4, you can grab a selection and it saves it to your desktop. What a time saver!

I'm working for Yard Farm today (on a day forecasted to be 101 ugh), so I'll see you all tomorrow with a Wholesome Wednesday post about pineapple. It seems to be in season right now, though definitely not locally sourced. We've had it a few times this week (our favorite so far has been mixed up in one of my delicious bulghar wheat/ sauteed veggie mix ups) and I'd like to learn what benefits we're getting from it. Tons of sugar, that's for sure!

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