Friday, May 27, 2011

Project Propagate: 1 Month

As some lovely readers have pointed out, this intensely hot "Spring" has not been the most ideal time to attempt to root cuttings. I feel that i've achieved a decent amount of success, however. Every tray is now showing substantial roots. They're still small, but they're catching on. Watering has been an issue. The edges of the flats dry out and the centers get too wet.... there have been casualties. All in all, my cement tray system has actually worked pretty well, and i'll try it again when i'm in less of an intensely hot environment.

My store bought starter kit is working alright as well, and i think i'll at least have a few plants to bring with me on my move north.
The salvias that were blooming all crashed. Further proof that it's best to work with cuttings that aren't blooming or even have too much foliage. You want the energy to be focused on rooting, not blooming or leafing out. One whole tray of rosemary appears to be cruising along with zero casualties... so that's a major success! The sage, not so happy - but there are a few living specimins so not a total loss.
All in all i think this project is coming along nicely. In another month these little guys should be ready to transplant to larger pots, but i'll be on my way to Oregon by then, so hopefully my "replacement" will keep you posted!
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